As the derivatives market continues to grow and evolve in complexity and diversity, the need for transparency, collaboration, and regulation grows increasingly evident. Capital Link’s 4th Annual Global Derivatives Forum remains the only forum of its kind dedicated to commodities, energy, and freight. By focusing on these three strategic areas, which is followed and populated by the same investor and trader universe, Capital Link is able to raise the forum’s visibility to a significantly larger, target audience of industry professionals.

Last year, attendance exceeded 523, which is not only a 54% increase from 2011, but also a 138% increase from the conference’s inception 3 years ago. An informational and networking platform for major derivatives players from around the globe, this year’s event will focus on the underlying trends that shape the global commodity and energy markets and how these affect the freight markets. A review of the major trends, development, and outlook in these three interconnected areas will provide participants with critical insight on the global economy and trade, as well as on how they impact the development of derivatives activity. In addition, forum participants will debate major developments in the legal and regulatory fronts in addition to challenges currently facing trading, clearing, and financing.

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