Tim Jones
Chief Executive Officer
BRS Group

Mr. Tim Jones is the President and CEO of the BRS Shipbroking Group, one of the world's top shipping intermediaries. Prior to becoming CEO in 2010, Tim was Vice-President in charge of developing commercial activities across the firm and was instrumental in expanding the company in the Middle East, China and other parts of Asia. Tim founded and for many years led the firm's dry cargo department, specializing in strategic planning and long-term contractual arrangements for the firm's industrial clients.

He remains closely involved in the dry bulk market, working with large industrial mining and steel groups. Prior to joining BRS, Tim worked for VLOC owner Krupp Seeschiffahrt in Germany, and is fluent in both German and French. Tim holds a degree in Philosophy from Williams College, Massachusetts. He is a director of professional indemnity insurer ITIC and shipping software technology leader AXS Marine.