James Pacetti
Head of Business Development

James Pacetti is a member of S-Network, responsible for business development. Prior to Joining S-Network, he was President of ETF International Associates, Inc., a New York based consulting firm specializing in the development and marketing of exchange traded funds, closed-end funds, unit investment trusts and indexes. Jim's has maintained long-term consulting relationships with the American Stock Exchange, Dow Jones Indexes, Deutsche Asset Management, FTSE, Investors Bank and Trust, Morningstar, Northern Trust Global Investments, and Barclays Global Investors iShares.

Jim was formerly a Marketing Manager at S-Network where he assisted clients in listing indexed and enhanced ETFs on the American Stock Exchange. Prior to S-Network, he was responsible for institutional marketing to banks, derivatives desks, mutual funds and financial intermediaries for Deutsche Bank's CountryBaskets Index Fund.

Jim's early experience included roles in Chase Manhattan Bank's Structured Products Group and Product Manager in Standard & Poor s Index Products Group, where he served on the S&P 500 Committee