As our economy recovers, the emerging role of ETFs and CEFs in the markets is increasingly evident. The number of investors using ETFs continues to grow in pursuit of transparency, cost-effectiveness, and diversification; CEFs, on the other hand, have become a vehicle into niche market areas, promoting income-generation and capital appreciation where open-ended funds have failed.

The lack of overall knowledge, however, has resulted in the misapplication and inefficient use of both these fund types-especially in a progressively competitive and complex market that is inundated with new products on a constant basis.

Capital Link's 11th Annual Closed-End Funds & Global ETFs Forum seeks to not only address the issues and challenges associated with using ETFs and CEFs, but to also present a networking platform for financial advisors, financial planners, institutional investors, fund and asset managers, analysts and financial media, as well as other wealth management professionals.

This year's forum is designed to:

  • Discern and differentiate the latest CEFs and ETFs group investment products
  • Evaluate ETF types, its portfolios, and associated benefits and risks
  • Promote investor education on nuances of CEFs
  • Learn how to choose the right index
  • Identify upcoming trends for CEFs and ETFs
  • Understand effects on asset allocation
  • Create networking opportunities for attendees
  • Examine institutional investing in ETFs (such as in liquidity management)

    Last forum, Capital Link was host to more than 1,000 attendees and expects another attendance in excess in 2012. Our panels and presentations, which are spearheaded by key investors and professionals, will provide attendees with the chance to establish the right connections, advance your company's visibility, and learn how to capitalize on informed investments by avoiding the pitfalls of a diversified, changing market.

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