Scott T. Schultz
Founder, Manager & Chairman
Scott Schultz Closed End Funds, Inc.

Scott T. Schultz graduated from Michigan State University in 1979 with a BA in Journalism. In 1982 he was named an "Outstanding Young Man of America" by the US Jaycee's". 1983 he began his investment career at EF Hutton & Co., where his ability to "cold call" was 'prolific as in his first 12 months he opened 387 NEW ACCOUNTS.

By performing this feat he was flown to NYC by EF Hutton Management several times to speak to 'rookie brokers' and show them how to open new accounts by sharing his unique techniques with "rookie brokers."

He was then recruited by Merrill Lynch, where he quickly became the #4 producer in a 32 person office. It was there that he began to research the unique investment vehicles known as "Closed End Funds." In 1988 Schultz took an 'eight year unpaid leave of absence from Merrill Lynch to run for the U.S. Congress' prior to forming his own firm in 1994 in Michigan.

Throughout his career, Schultz's expertise garnered him recognition as the #1 Separate Account Manager for Domestic Growth by USA TODAY using GIPS verified/audited numbers sent to Morningstar's data base for a three consecutive year period. In addition, he was also named one of Nelson's "Worlds Best Money Managers," and a "Top Gun" manager by Effron PSN (now Informa).

As an author, Schultz's recently published his "Guide to Closed-End Funds" which provides all investors an informative yet simplified insight into this complex investment opportunity and is the first book on CEF's in 20+ years.