Annual Awards for Closed-End Funds, ETF's & Analysts


Since 1995, Capital Link, one of the leading investor relations, financial advisory/ communications firms, has been assisting institutions, stock exchanges and companies to enhance shareholder value by identifying the proper business and financial partners, take advantage of favorable financing and capital market opportunities and achieve proper access to North American and European investors, analysts and media.


Capital Link offers a full suite of services including strategic and corporate advisory, investor relations, media relations, public and industry relations and the organization of corporate events.

Our proactive approach, which integrates Investor Relations, Information Technology and Media, enhances awareness and branding for our clients through tailored outreach programs targeting analysts, institutional and individual investors and the financial media complemented by extensive and uniquely powerful marketing platforms.

Based in New York City, Capital Link has offices in London and Athens.


Capital Link has made a strategic commitment to raise awareness of Closed-End Funds and ETPs/ETFs to a wide investor audience.
The Capital Link "Annual Closed-End Funds and Global ETFs" Forum which takes place in New York City since 2001, is considered a top industry Forum that consistently attracts over 1,000 delegates every year providing unparalleled informational, marketing and networking opportunities.
In parallel to this Forum, Capital Link organizes the "Annual Closed-End Fund & Global ETF Awards," which recognize funds and managers who adhere to high standards of Corporate Governance, financial disclosure and Investor Relations.
In addition to our Forum, Awards, and custom investor relations and media programs for our clients, our uniquely powerful marketing platforms also consist of and , two separate but interconnected websites for CEFs and ETFs that provide information on all US listed CEFs and ETFs with data powered by Morningstar. These portals also offer monthly CEF and ETF Newsletters, interviews, industry reports and fund literature which are then distributed to an extensive audience of US investors, financial planners and advisors. We also organize a series of webinars and presentations by fund managers and other industry participants as well.

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