Tuesday, October 5, 2021 - Digital Conference


Peter Gargiulo
Fitch Ratings

Peter Gargiulo is a Director within Fitch Ratings’ Funds and Asset Management group, having joined the firm in January 2020. In his current role, Peter is responsible for assigning and maintaining ratings, developing rating methodologies and publishing research for money market funds, bond funds, local government investment pools (LGIPs), closed-end fund leverage and private equity collateralized fund obligations (PE CFOs). Peter is a veteran in the ratings industry having most recently worked as Senior Director at Egan-Jones Ratings Company where he assigned and reviewed privately placed fund leverage ratings. Prior to Egan Jones Peter was a Director within the Kroll Ratings’ Funds team for two years, assigning and maintaining ratings for bond funds, LGIPs and closed-end fund leverage. Peter began his career at Standard & Poor’s in the Global Fund Ratings team, covering money market funds, bond funds and LGIPs for five years in varying capacities. Peter has his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Loyola College in Maryland.