Judith Moore
Consultant, Environment and Corporate Responsibility, Treasury
World Bank (and former Head of CSR for the World Bank)

Judith Moore led the World Bank's Corporate Responsibility team, an interdepartmental working group, for six years. The Corporate Responsibility team was responsible for tracking the environmental impacts of the World Bank's day-to-day corporate operations, particularly its greenhouse gas emissions, and for identifying ways in which these impacts can be reduced. In 2006, the World Bank offices in the Washington DC region became carbon neutral (including facilities operation, business travel, and key meetings), and in 2008, the carbon neutrality program was expanded to include the World Bank's global facilities and travel.

Under her, the Corporate Responsibility team launched sustainability reporting at the World Bank using recognized standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative and Carbon Disclosure Initiative. As Senior Environmental Specialist, Judith also advised the World Bank Treasury's Capital Markets Department on the development of the Green Bond, including the criteria for eligible projects and the selection of projects for the Green Bond portfolio. Before joining the Corporate Responsibility team, Judith worked with the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia and East Asia and Pacific regional units as an environmental consultant specializing in environmental policy and landscape ecology. She also worked with nongovernmental organisations and the private sector as an ecologist and environmental planner. Judith has a Masters degree in Ecosystem Science from Yale and a PhD in Regional Planning from MIT.