Monday, December 11, 2017 - The Metropolitan Club


Henrik Johnsson
Managing Director, Head of EMEA Syndicate
Deutsche Bank

Henrik Johnsson is Co-Head of Global DCM and Head of Debt Syndicate EMEA. Henrik joined Deutsche Bank in 2002 in the telecom finance team and worked in a variety of roles between 2002 and 2009 including leveraged finance and high yield syndicate. Henrik became Head of the High Yield Syndicate team in 2009 and of Leverage Finance Syndicate in 2013. Henrik was appointed Head of Debt Syndicate EMEA in December 2015, where he oversees all debt-related syndications in EMEA for high yield, investment grade and emerging market issuers across the corporate, financial institution, sovereign, supranational and agency sectors. Henrik was additionally appointed Co-Head of Global DCM in September 2016, where he oversees origination and syndication of investment grade and emerging market debt issuance across all sectors globally. Henrik has a BSc in Industrial Economics from the University of Warwick.