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When the world was in global lockdown, and we were all restricted home, ships kept sailing, picking up and delivering cargo, keeping the supply chain uninterrupted. This could not have happened without the endurance and commitment of the crews on board the ships who have been facing unprecedented challenges keeping everything running.

So, paying our respects to them in the context of Capital Link’s 10th Annual Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum, we are proud to partner with iCALL, The Mission of Seafarers and the Seamen’s Church in launching a campaign to raise awareness in support of Seafarers. We kindly ask for your support in the below campaigns. Donations can be made online directly to these organizations by clicking on the donation link.

Each organization will have their own Digital Booth at the Forum on June 16 & 17 and invite you to visit each booth to learn more.

About iCALL

iCALL , a Field Action Project run by the School of Human Ecology of TISS Mumbai, is a national level, technology-assisted counselling service for addressing psychosocial needs in a gender-sensitive way. It offers counselling by telephone, email and chat via the nULTA app. It helps all ages, with special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children, adolescents, women and the elderly.


iCALL as a FREE Service for Seafarers

Seafarers face multiple stresses in their daily lives, including long work schedules, homesickness, loneliness, fatigue and disrupted sleep. In the nature of their occupation they have very limited access to mental health services, and enduring stigma on this topic makes it harder still to approach a mental health professional.

In order to make professional counselling services accessible to its own seafarers, Synergy collaborated with iCALL and TISS, resulting in technology-assisted support worldwide. This partnership began in October 2018, and since then iCALL has addressed the issues of over 170 seafarers by telephone, email and chat via the nULTA app. Counsellors at iCALL offer counselling for issues related to career, work-life, interpersonal relationships, gender and sexuality, violence, suicide and non - suicidal self-injury.

iCALL is a national level, technology-assisted counselling service for addressing psychosocial needs in a gender-sensitive way. It offers counselling by telephone, email and chat via the nULTA app. It helps all ages, with special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children, adolescents, women and the elderly. iCALL is a counselling partner of Synergy and has been offering counselling services via technology to seafarers across the globe. The services are provided by trained professional counsellors who offer support for issues related to work-life, interpersonal relationships, career, physical health, mental health, violence, gender and sexuality, suicide and non-suicidal self-injury. 

Counselling support for seafarers is available over telephone, e-mail and chat from Monday-Saturday, 10AM-8PM. The service is free, confidential and anonymous.

+91 9677000888
Chat: Download nULTA Online Healthcare Chat App
Website: http://icallhelpline.org



About Mission of Seafarers

About Mission of Seafarers We are open night and day, 365 days a year. We work in 200 ports across 50 countries, caring for seafarers of all ranks, nationalities and beliefs.
Throughout a long and distinguished history, The Mission to Seafarers has grown to become one of the largest port-based welfare operators in the world.
Our International Headquarters in London supports over 70 frontline staff and around 100 Honorary Chaplains. We also rely heavily on volunteers, who visit ships, drive minibuses and help us run our Seafarers Centres.


Campaign: Global provision of PPE for port teams - £84,000

Donation Link: www.missiontoseafarers.org/donate

To ensure our frontline teams are well protected, providing seafarers with confidence that precautionary measures have been taken. We believe this will become mandatory for many ports around the world. 

Our port-based Chaplaincy and Centre provision is at the heart of our support to seafarers. COVID-19 undermined our ability to deliver that service and we expect to face ongoing issues in the world that emerges from the crisis. To improve our ability to ensure continuity of care, we are working across our ports to improve resilience. 

We will provide grants to our Regional Directors across our regions to allocate to enough provision to ports dependent upon the levels of port activity.  PPE will include masks, hand sanitiser and antiseptic spray and wipes and thermometers. 

We expect that this will be an on-going need, and this funding will only last a short time, but the anticipation is that it will get our teams set to get underway, whilst more funding is being sourced from IHQ and locally.




About About Seamen’s Church

The largest and most comprehensive mariners’ service organization in North America and founded in 1834, the Seamen's Church Institute (SCI) serves as a voluntary, ecumenical agency affiliated with the Episcopal Church. SCI affirms a basic precept of faith communities: welcoming the stranger, regardless of faith or background. We offer pastoral care, local and global advocacy, and maritime education to international and U.S. mariners.


Campaign: Future of Mariners Campaign

Donation Link: donate.seamenschurch.org/give


The Seamen's Church Institute (SCI) chaplains do not have the option to self-isolate any more than crews do. Our practice during this worldwide crisis is to actively pursue new ways to expand our support, while adhering to the safety recommendations and restrictions issued by government and health officials. As those conditions change almost weekly, so does our response in our support of mariners. 

On April 7, Douglas Stevenson, Esq., Acting Director for our Center for Mariner Advocacy issued an important position statement on crew restrictions. In addition, at the start of quarantine, SCI port chaplains instituted robust phone outreach, and digital apps and social media activities to ramp up their communications to seafarers. Working in shifts to accommodate various time zones, they identified seafarers in need and offered help around the clock, including aid in navigating the process of hardship grant applications. Our chaplains developed a video series addressing stress coping strategies. Videos of Palm Sunday and Christmas prayers delivered n English and Tagalog were created. Both of these video series were posted on SCI's main Facebook page where 3,311 of our 9,872 followers are from the Philippines.  

Now, although Port Newark and Port Elizabeth have continued essential transportation operations during the pandemic, most ships have instituted strict visitor restrictions to protect their crew. We are currently making primarily ship gangway deck area visits in full PPE, and securing desperately needed medicines and toiletries for seafarers not permitted to leave their ships while anticipating three more months on open waters. We are also preparing protocols and have modified the facility in anticipation of opening our International Seafarers’ Center to mariners once again when government mandates allow. 

Many of you want to support front-line professionals.Through SCI's Future of Mariners Campaign, your gift today will help us fulfill our mission to serve mariners and seafarers no matter what the new normal entails. Making a pledge guarantees future generations of mariners safety, access to essential services while working in US waters, and support wherever their journeys take them.


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