Head of the European Commission's Task Force for Greece

1965 - 1971: Studied mathematics and economics in Hamburg and Kiel; Mathematics degree. DAAD scholarship in economics, London; Ontario (Canada); MA in economics
1975: Ph.D. in growth economics

Professional Experience
From Sept 2011: Head of the European Commission's Task Force for Greece with the status of Special Adviser to the Commission.
From 2005 - 2011: Career at The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
2010 - 2011: Vice President, Risk and Resources
2007 - 2010: Vice President, Risk Management, Human Resources, Official Co-Financing and Nuclear Safety
2005 - 2007: Secretary General
From 1975 - 2005: Career at the European Commission
1997- 2005: Director General in DG Consumer Policy and Health Protection (1997-99); in DG Personnel and Administration (1999-2004) and in DG Enterprise and Industry (2004 -05).
1991-1997: Acting Director in DG Ecfin (1991-94); Director in DG Budget (1994-95); Head of Cabinet of M.Wulf-Mathies (1995-97)
1986 -1994: Head of Unit in DG for Coordination of Structural Instruments (1986-87) and DG Ecfin (1989-94) and Deputy Head of Cabinet of K.H. Narjes (1987-88).
1975-1986: Official working in Directorate General (DG) for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG Ecfin) (1975-78); DG for Regional Policy (1978-80) and in the Cabinets of C. Tugendhat (1981-84) and C. Ripa di Meana (1985-86).