Greek shipping remains important to the maritime economy, constituting approximately 20 percent of the world’s shipping fleet. In spite of the volatile markets and economic downturn, Greek shipping professionals have consistently adapted to changing conditions, seeking out growth and opportunity rather than yielding to their circumstances.

Capital Link will host the 7th Annual Greek Shipping Forum in Athens, Greece. This event will not only cover the latest developments and trends in international trade, dry bulk commodities, and the energy markets—framed against the broader backdrop of the global economy—but also review the various funding alternatives for raising capital among listed and private shipping companies. Experts will additionally address effective investment strategies and risk management in today’s shipping industry.  


Capital Link invites institutional investors, analysts, bankers, financial advisors, financial media, and other qualified investors who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of shipping across all sectors. With an average of roughly 1000 participants each year, attendees can expect an informative networking forum connecting them to the shipping industry’s key players, including influential members in the financial community, such as commercial and investment banks.

2016 Capital Link Greek Shipping Leadership Award

During the luncheon, the “2016 Capital Link Greek Shipping Leadership Award” will be formally presented to Mr. Andreas A. Tsavliris, Mr. George A. Tsavliris and Mr. Nicolas A. Tsavliris of the Tsavliris Salvage Group, in recognition of their unique and extensive contribution to Shipping and Greece and for their overall outstanding service to the shipping industry made by them individually, as a family and by their company.

THE TSAVLIRIS GROUP has been active for more than 75 years as a maritime-focused business that has unique experience and know-how, including 50 years of performance in international marine salvage.

Their roots in the maritime industry go back to the 19th century when a great-grandfather of the present generation of senior Group principals was a seafarer. Today, the shipping industry knows the Tsavliris name primarily through the TSAVLIRIS SALVAGE GROUP, one of the world’s most active emergency response contractors for salving marine casualties.

Tsavliris has a record of handling more than 3,000 marine salvage cases, the majority of these under Lloyd’s Open Form salvage contracts. With purpose-built salvage tugs on permanent stations at strategic locations worldwide, the Group is committed to maintaining a modern global network providing rapid assistance to shipping.

Tsavliris Salvage Group celebrates  100 years from the birth of its founding father, Alexander G. Tsavliris; 75 years from the commencement of the first Tsavliris shipping company and 50 years from the foundation of Tsavliris Salvage in 1964.

Introductory Remarks will be made by Mr. Nicky A. Pappadakis, Chairman Emeritus Intercargo, Chairman, A.G. Pappadakis & Co.



For further information, either contact Maria Chercheletzi (Greece), Marketing & Media Relations at or +30-210-610-9800, or contact Eleni Bej (NY), Events Coordinator, at or +1 (212) 661-7566.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Nicolas Bornozis at or Olga Bornozi  at or call +1 (212) 661-7566.








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