Tuesday, April, 7, 2020 - The Metropolitan Club, New York City

Forum Overview


With a 19-year track record, Capital Link’s Annual Closed-End Funds & Global ETFs Forum is the longest running investment forum with significant branding and recognition in the industry. It updates the broader investment community on the latest trends, developments and investment strategies using Closed-End Funds, MLPs, BDCs, and Exchange Traded Funds.


This conference consistently draws over 700+ professionals every year. Financial advisors, institutional investors, RIAs, private bankers, financial planners, fund and asset managers, analysts, and financial media utilize this forum not only as a resource for sharing and evaluating the latest CEF and ETF products and trends, but also as an interactive platform for enhancing visibility and establishing the right connections.


The event will focus on topics of critical interest for the CEF and ETF space and also on investment strategies involving CEFs & ETFs.


Topics to be addressed include:

  • CEF Industry Roundtable
  • Alternative Income Generation Strategies – REITs, Preferreds, Convertibles
  • Use of Leverage in CEFs
  • Evolving Case Study of New CEFs Brought to Market
  • BDCs - Financing America’s Growth
  • MLP Industry Roundtable
  • ETF Industry Roundtable



Distinguished industry analysts


  Mariana Bush, CFA    
  CEF & ETP Research    
  Wells Fargo    
  Investment Institute    
  Michael Jabara  
  Managing Director and Head of ETF  
  and Closed-End Fund Research  

  Morgan Stanley Wealth Management  
  Alexander Reiss






Capital Link’s Forums are known for combining rich educational content with extensive marketing and networking opportunities. With a 18-year track record of success this Annual Forum is a meeting place for advisors, investors and fund sponsors.  




For further information, contact Eleni Bej at or Olga Bornozi, Managing Director at or call +1 212-661-7566. 


For sponsorship opportunities, contact Nicolas Bornozis or Anny Zhu at or call +1 212 661-7566.


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